Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forward Opinion Base Sollom is now flying the flag


I realize that I don't have any readers at this point - this is more for historical archival purposes. The name of the blog - Forward Opinion Base Sollom - is a take on the U.S. military lexicon to name forward operating bases in combat zones. The bases, usually named in honor of fallen fellow soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, act as a fire bases, logistical way points for scaling men and materiel in times of increased combat, and a location for troops to rest, refit, and rearm prior to the next planned, or unplanned, mission. It is an Alamo; it's is a temporary safe haven. There is even a social and physical classification of the base itself - e.g., those who stay inside the base the entire time of their deployment are known as fobbits, of Lord of the Rings lore.

The reason for the apropos, is that I envision my blog as an unconventional take on social, technological, political, economic, and military matters of the day. Where my content dovetails with other bloggosphere content, I'll consider that mutually supporting fire - in military jargon. Where I differ, I'll consider it an FTX (or live fire exercise) - you have a difference of opinions and facts, you better have the ammo to back it up. Either way, I invite you to my outpost of unconventional thought.



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